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Does Donald Trump Listen Through His Rant?


Trump is the master of interruption, disagreement, always being right, and demeaning everyone… bullying  takin The question remains “Does Donald Trump Listen through his rant?  Why bother to discuss it – when it is a fete complete. A bully doesn’t listen… only reacts. It’s scary to imagine how he would insult a world leader by refusing to honor protocol…. and the repercussions that would follow. Let’s not go there…

Quoting experts that went beyond the normal platitudes of acknowledging you understood what what said, repeating it in a different way. Allowing the person talking to finish a thought without interruption…and so on.  Could Trumpster adhere to any of the following communication skills?   (more…)

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Trump Baby-Man Is A Millennial

MerrieWay Reprint: Rob Garver Fiscal Times:

According to the Constitution, a person younger than 35 cannot serve as president. And while it’s true that Trump claims to be — and indeed appears to be — a Baby Boomer closing in on his 70th birthday, the evidence is accumulating that he is, in fact, a Millennial.


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Is Cactus Good To Eat

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Write FromYour Heart

Arianna & Merrie Lynn

Arianna Huffington & Merrie Lynn Ross

Arianna Huffington suggested I write a mommy blog Huff Post. I did and it turned into ‘The Bully Solution’ a #1 best seller. Thank you Arianna for supporting me to follow my heart. Ditto to all of  you Watching/hearing/ reading… Follow your precious Heart. ox

Show your Love… visit http://www.bullysolution.org


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Pride School Supports LGBT Youth

Pride is a first-of-its-kind private school in Georgia aimed at attracting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth and teachers is being established in Atlanta for students who feel bullied or not accepted in traditional schools.Pride School Atlanta is a k-12 institution designed to be an alternative for LGBT students, though the school is open to any student who believes they’re not getting the support they need for “being different,” says Pride School founder Christian Zsilavetz. (more…)

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Protect Daughters -13-Year-Old Dies From Tampon

c80b5b07867f345936eb213104ba12680e8131deA mother is speaking out this week to warn others after her daughter’s devastating death due to toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

Diane Roberts’s 13-year-old-daughter, Jemma-Louise, began feeling ill while on a family vacation and was originally diagnosed with a stomach bug, according to the Manchester Evening News. After the British teenager’s health continued to deteriorate, her family brought her to a hospital where she was diagnosed with TSS, caused by bacteria related to tampon use. (more…)

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