Merrie Lynn Ross and Goldie Hawn- 4 Kid’s Happiness

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Both Merrie Lynn Ross and Goldie Hawn share a common bond…they both want to see children happy, less stressed and functioning at their potential optimum. Goldie is a funny lady extraordinaire. And, Merrie Lynn as daytime’s first comedienne, giggled into the hearts of millions of viewers on General Hospital.

At the Thalian Ball honoring Sally Field; Goldie and Merrie Lynn’s son, Byron, then 11-years-old shared the stage. Goldie asked him, “Can I be in your next movie?”  Sadly,Byron passed away two years ago, at only 22 and his wish for everyone was to “BE Real, Laugh & Love”.  That was his notion for attaining happiness. A short film, “Franky What’s Next?, written by Byron is being produced in tandem with the “Peace Smarts” curriculum.

Both women operate independently on their quests for improving quantum-learning opportunities for our children. Each woman has expressed sadness viewing escalating violence amongst youth, growing numbers of suicides, depression and as Goldie stated,” Loss of empathy.”

Goldie Hawn spoke at TEDMED…wishing and praying for children’s happiness. Her “Mind UP program is a curriculum that teaches children about to connect with their emotions, through focused breathing and attention, awareness and relaxation.

Merrie Lynn Ross spoke Autism Sings, and recently facilitated trainings at “Boys & Girls Clubs” regarding the same issue, wishing for children’s happiness and praying for their well-being.  Sixteen years  ago Merrie Lynn co-created critically acclaimed curriculums, “Morph America” & “Peace Smarts” to bring arts and ethics back to the schools. The process has served 100,000+ students and teachers nationwide. It entails a right brain left brain-balancing approach for problem solving and creative solution finding. Techniques reduce stress; through meditation, contemplation, and teaching conflict resolution and laugher. The result has been a continuing effort to reduce the cortisol factor…without using Meds, the acceptable MO today:  a devastating, unacceptable first response solution for well-being.

The neurological science and brain research documented in “Peace Smarts” and “Morph America” curriculums is once again substantiated by Dan Siegal, exploring MindUP. Siegal, author of “The Mindful Brain: reflection and Attunement in the Cultivation of Well-Being”. Siegal said that children need more the academic 3 R’s, reading writing and arithmetic. They also need reflection, relationships, and resilience. “ Because now what’s happening is that we have a damaged brain that’s growing. And it’s getting more and more handicapped as kids get more focused on the external world, rather than being able to look a the internal world.

Merrie Way Community is committed to foster techniques that develop intuition, as well as logic, as a prime factor for educational success and happiness.

On the “Peace Smarts” and “Morph America” curriculums are offered.

Look Merrie Lynn Ross’ new book, “Bounce Off the Walls-Land On Your Feet  – August,2010

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