Merrie Lynn Ross– is a multi award-winning filmmaker, writer, actress: Starring in over 35 TV/films from portraying Marion Davis in a 13-hour PBS mini-series, to daytime’s first comedienne on ‘General Hospital’- entertaining 30 + million viewers with her contagious giggle. Internationally acclaimed, she’s written and produced both TV and Film. “Class of 1984”  “Bobbie Jo & The Outlaw.”  “Medicine Woman”, “Foxy Ladies” (inspired “Nine To Five”) among the many.

A notable lead child advocate and humanitarian, she founded MerrieWay Community (non-profit 501 C 3 to bring arts and ethics back into our schools. Benefitting two million+ youth, parents, and teachers nationwide. She created “Morph America” and “Peace Smarts” (solution for bullying) curriculums. Honored by both President Clinton and President George W. Bush. MerrieWay youth anchors worked with Oprah and Ms. Ross’ brainchild, “Stand For Children” rallied 300,000 people at the Lincoln memorial.  She coined the word ‘morph’ as a transformational term in 1995, that is common venacular today.

Currently , filming “MerrieWay Day” “Live Green Dream.” In pre-production on two feature films, with 4  new books rolling out in 2012. Soon to be announced. “The Bully Project”  book & outreach for parents and kids, is aligning with notables, supporting Lady GaGa’s efforts, and youth, parents, & community natuionwide.

 After a personal loss, Merrie Lynn shines as a beacon of light for all. In honor of her beloved son, Byron, she combines her comedic talent, healing abilities, and inspires with HAHA Healers. Known as the ‘Funny Wise Woman” her personal stories and spiritual grounding will Morph Havoc and Hassles into Harmony and Happiness.            

Merrie Lynn Ross’ revered book “Bounce Off The Walls-Land On Your Feet “ is in release.  Enjoy Excerpts

Bounce Off The Walls - Land On Your Feet

Bounce Into Loving Life

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  • 1. Sherie Senne  |  March 25, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    Hi, Merrie Lynn, Glad to see you are moving on with you exce4llent ideas & products. I’ve been in the mi8dwest for 4 years now & have met some intellligent, artostic & visonary ladies. I showed them your “Morphing book” & Peace Smarts. I have an extra “Morphing that I can give them for inspiratiopn but would rather let them purchase several copies if thewy think they can use it in their work. (WQe all agreed that thewy can.) Do you still have “Morphing in print & availabnle? How about “Peace Smarts?” Are you taking orders or do you have a store or online vendor for your products??

    Sherie Senne,: 573.364.4607 13010 CR 7130 Rolla, MO 65401


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